Company history

v.l.n.r. Alexander Stark, Barbara Stark, Johannes Stark und Roland Winter bei der Begutachtung einzelner hochtemperaturbeständigen Isoliersystem Komponenten

Join with us in a shared future

Johannes and Gabriele Stark founded the firm of duotherm Stark Isoliersysteme GmbH & Co KG in 1993 and now manage the company together with their children. Together with more than 30 dedicated employees, around 4,000 m2 of hall space is currently being used in two shifts.

The continuous further development of the performance areas and the use of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies is helping the family-owned business to grow. As a consequence, a further production hall with 1,350 m2 of floor space was completed in 2017.

Heating systems - 2 times 30 years of experience

MitThe firm of duotherm Stark established a further performance area in 2015 with the manufacture of heating elements and heating systems.

ZusätzlichIn addition to the decades of experience amassed by Johannes Stark in the manufacture of insulating systems, the company gained a further 30 years of experience in 2015!
RolandRoland Winter has been developing heating elements and heating systems for over 30 years. This experience pays off for you as our customer when it comes to planning and realising your projects.

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